Free Ross: American Kingpin is a Fake News Hit Piece on Ross Ulbricht and Silk Road

from TheAnarchast

Anarchast Ep.360

Jeff interviews returning guest and Anarchapulco speaker, Lyn Ulbricht, who’s son Ross is famously and unjustly incarcerated due to the Silk Road trial travesty. Topics include: the release of the book “American Kingpin”, a distortion and obvious hit piece, things turn political, the media lies and the government is the media, fake news and false allegations make a ‘good’ story, the evil war on drugs, lies and deviousness to leverage the case for personal advantage, the status of the case and appeal, retrial? re-sentencing? the demonization of Tor and Bitcoin, the dark web cannot be stopped, the Free Rossathon hack attempt, some glowing praise for Anarchapulco!

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