Security/Privacy question: Is anonymity broken through Google Authenticator?

If I have an account at some exchange where I:

-used a VPN/Tor to create that account and gave the exchange no personal info

-the email linked to the exchange is anonymous

-the coins that I send to the exchange are tumbled or sent from source not linked to my identity

-coins that I take off from the exchange are sent to address not linked to me.

This setup seems very safe/anonymous to me, my only question is this.

I created a 2 factor for my login to the exchange just to be safe, and after staring at Google Authenticator on my tablet the thought came to me that I may have just fucked up my anonymity.

The Google Authenticator app is on a device that most certainly has info proving my identity, so my question is, can google or someone connect coins sent through the process mentioned above to my identity, since I am using the app to login to the exchange?


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