Urgent r/bitcoiners read this and respond

I DEMAND to know why Before I went to sleep I read .. 'As a China Mining Pool Owner, Why I am a Hardcore Opponent to SegWit'

When I woke up I wanted to hear you opinions so I refreshed and it was gone! was it removed from r/bitcoin ??

the link was http://news.8btc.com/as-a-china-mining-pool-owner-why-i-am-a-hardcore-opponent-to-segwit I can see their point.

THE MINERS SEEM TO BE WILLING TO SUPPORT SEGWIT AND LN etc but they make excellent point they think CORE will leave blocksize at 1MB forever!


I post on r/bitcoin 99% and btc 1% but why in the heck was this removed? that link above laid out the problem we are having with adoption and it makes sense.

A clear compromise exits here.. segwit with a block size increase so the risks they mention in that article are mitigated. Bitcoin main chain must 'somewhat' compete with LN or else we risk centralization again NO?? if its wrong explain why pls.

WHY CAN WE NOT do that? I'm beginning to think r/btc is right and that core and r/bitcoin is really behaving badly. They are willing to support segwit but not if core permanently locks the main chain down to a high trans fee swift network. That makes sense to me.

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